How to Teach Online Quran: A Guide for Teachers?

How to Teach Online Quran: A Guide for Teachers?

Quran Teaching for children is a noble and rewarding profession that involves imparting the knowledge and skills of Quran recitation and memorization to students of different ages and levels. It is also a challenging and demanding profession that requires dedication, patience, creativity and professionalism.

Quran Teaching for kids has many advantages and benefits for both teachers and students. Some of these advantages are:

– It allows teachers to reach a wider and diverse audience of students from different countries and backgrounds.

– It enables teachers to work from anywhere and anytime, as long as they have an internet connection and a device.

– It saves teachers time and money by avoiding travel and transportation costs.

– It offers teachers flexibility and convenience in scheduling and managing their classes and students.

– It provides teachers with various tools and resources that can enhance their teaching methods and techniques.

However, teaching online Quran also has some challenges and difficulties that teachers need to overcome and deal with. Some of these challenges are:

– It requires teachers to have a high level of proficiency and competence in Quran recitation and memorization, as well as in Arabic language and Islamic studies.

– It demands teachers to have a valid ijazah (certification) from a reputable and recognized institution or teacher that proves their qualification and authority to teach Quran.

– It obliges teachers to have a good command of English language and communication skills, as well as the ability to use online platforms and software effectively.

– It expects teachers to have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards their students and their progress.

– It necessitates teachers to have a friendly and respectful attitude and behavior towards their students and their parents.

Quran Classes with Quran Sheikh Institute

Quran Sheikh Institute is one of the best online providers of Quran classes for both teachers and students. It offers high-quality education and service that can help teachers improve their skills and abilities in teaching online Quran. It has some unique features and advantages such as:

– Qualified and experienced instructors who have valid ijazahs (certifications) from reputable institutions and who can guide and mentor the teachers in their teaching journey.

– Comprehensive and systematic curriculum that covers all aspects of Quran teaching such as Tajweed, Qirat, Ijazah, Tafseer, Hifz, etc.

– Flexible and affordable fees and payment options that suit different budgets and needs.

– Customized and personalized classes that match each teacher’s level, pace and goals.

– Interactive and engaging methods and techniques that make teaching fun and easy for teachers.

– Convenient and comfortable online platform that allows teachers to teach from anywhere and anytime.


How to teach online quran: Teaching online Quran is a great opportunity for teachers who want to share their knowledge and passion for Quran with others. It is also a great way to earn a decent income while doing something they love. However, teaching online Quran requires a lot of preparation, practice, improvement and professionalism from the teachers. That is why they need to seek the help and support of a reliable and reputable online provider like Quran Sheikh Institute. Quran Sheikh Institute can help them achieve their goals of becoming successful online Quran teachers who can make a positive difference in the lives of their students.

Top Reasons to Choose Car Wreckers in Melbourne for Your Old Car

Top Reasons to Choose Car Wreckers in Melbourne for Your Old Car

When it comes to dealing with an old, unwanted car, most of us tend to get stuck between repair expenses and research on finding a buyer who is willing to offer a fair price. However, there’s an easy solution to dispose of old cars with minimum effort and maximum payout – car wreckers. Car wreckers may seem like an unconventional choice, but they have been gaining popularity as the go-to option for people looking to sell their old cars in Melbourne. In this blog post, we’ll list out the top reasons why you should consider choosing car wreckers in Melbourne for your old car.

Firstly, car wreckers offer a hassle-free solution to sell your old car. Unlike selling your car privately or through a dealership, car wreckers will take your old car off your hands without any need for hard negotiations or advertising your car. Secondly, car wreckers pay top dollar for your old car, regardless of its condition. They are in the business of dismantling and recycling cars for parts,

  1. Car wreckers in Melbourne are an eco-friendly solution for disposing of your old car.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution to disposing of your old car in Melbourne, then car wreckers are definitely worth considering. Car wreckers specialize in dismantling old and unwanted vehicles, salvaging any parts that are still usable, and disposing of the remaining materials in an eco-friendly way. This approach is not only good for the environment, but it is also a great way to get value out of an old and potentially useless vehicle. By choosing car wreckers in Melbourne, you don’t need to worry about taking your old car to a landfill, where it will end up taking precious space for years to come. Instead, car wreckers will take care of the entire process, ensuring that your old car is disposed of in a responsible and sustainable way.

  1. You can receive instant cash for your old car from car wreckers in Melbourne.

One of the top reasons to choose car wreckers in Melbourne for your old car is that you can receive instant cash for it. This is ideal for people who need to quickly get rid of an old vehicle and receive some extra cash. Car wreckers will appraise your car and offer you a fair price based on its condition, make, and model. Unlike trying to sell your car privately or trading it in at a dealership, there is no waiting for someone to show interest or negotiate a price. With car wreckers in Melbourne, you can have cash in hand with one quick transaction. This can be especially helpful if you need to make a down payment on a new vehicle or have unexpected expenses. Don’t let your old car just take up space and gather dust, choose car wreckers in Melbourne and get instant cash for cars.

  1. Car wreckers in Melbourne can also offer you free car removal services, saving you time and money.

If you are looking to get rid of your old or unwanted car in Melbourne, choosing a car wrecker can be a great option. Not only can they offer you a fair price for your old vehicle, but they can also save you time and money by offering free car removal services. Instead of spending money on towing services or trying to find a way to transport your car to a junkyard or recycling facility, car wreckers in Melbourne can take care of the entire process for you. This not only saves you the hassle of arranging transportation, but it also eliminates the need to pay for any additional fees or charges associated with disposing of your old car. With free car removal services, you can easily get rid of your old car in a hassle-free manner and without any added expenses.

  1. Car wreckers in Melbourne can provide you with high-quality used car parts at an affordable price.

When it is time to dispose of an old car, many people are often hesitant due to the expenses involved. However, car wreckers in Melbourne have a lot to offer to car owners looking to get rid of their old vehicles. One of the main reasons to choose car wreckers in Melbourne is that they can provide you with high-quality used car parts at an affordable price. These parts are carefully removed from wrecked cars and go through rigorous quality checks to ensure that they are in good condition. This means that you can get reliable, genuine parts for your vehicle without breaking the bank. Additionally, by choosing car wreckers, you also help to reduce waste and promote sustainability by recycling and reusing parts that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Overall, car wreckers in Melbourne offer a cost-effective, sustainable solution for car owners looking to dispose of their old vehicles while still being able to obtain the parts they need.

  1. Car wreckers in Melbourne can take care of all the paperwork and legal requirements involved in the disposal of your old car.

One of the top reasons to choose car wreckers in Melbourne for your old car is the fact that they can take care of all the paperwork and legal requirements involved in the disposal process. This can be a major relief for car owners who may not be familiar with the various regulations and laws surrounding car disposal, as well as the administrative tasks that need to be completed. Car wreckers in Melbourne have the knowledge and expertise to manage everything from obtaining the required permits to filling out the necessary forms, ensuring that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. By choosing car wreckers for your old car, you can sit back and relax knowing that all the necessary legal requirements are being taken care of.


Car wreckers in Melbourne provide a number of benefits for those looking to get rid of their old car. Not only can they provide a fair price for your vehicle, but they can also remove it quickly and easily without any hassle. Additionally, car wreckers are environmentally conscious and ensure that all vehicles are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. So if you have an old car taking up space in your driveway, consider contacting a car wrecker in Melbourne to make the process of selling and disposing of your vehicle as simple and stress-free as possible.

The Smart Way to Move a Computer to Across a City

The Smart Way to Move a Computer to Across a City

Moving your computer systems across a city can be a daunting task. From packing your equipment to ensuring it arrives at your new location safely, there are many challenges to consider. Whether you’re moving your business to a new location or relocating your home office, keep reading for expert tips on how to move your computer systems across a city with ease.

Computers and technology have become a crucial part of our daily lives, and it’s no surprise that they play a significant role in our work lives as well. When it comes to moving your computer systems across a city, there are many things to consider, from the safety of your equipment to the cost of the move. In this article, we’ll provide you with expert tips on how to move your computer systems across a city with ease, so you can focus on settling into your new location.

  • Backup Your Data

Before you start the process of moving your computer systems, it’s important to back up all of your data. This includes documents, files, and any important information stored on your computer. There are several ways to backup your data, including using an external hard drive or cloud-based storage solutions. By backing up your data, you can avoid losing any critical information during the move.

  • Disconnect Your Equipment Properly

When it comes to moving your computer systems, it’s essential to disconnect your equipment properly. This includes turning off your computer and all peripherals, unplugging all cables, and labeling them for easy reconnection at your new location. It’s also important to make sure that you have all of the necessary cords, adapters, and power strips that you’ll need at your new location.

  • Use Quality Packing Materials

To ensure that your computer systems arrive safely at your new location, it’s essential to use quality packing materials. This includes sturdy boxes, packing tape, and packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. It’s also important to make sure that your computer systems are packed securely and labeled appropriately to avoid any damage during transport.

  • Hire Professional Movers

Moving your computer systems across a city can be a complicated and time-consuming process, which is why it’s often best to hire cheap movers Perth. Professional movers have experience and knowledge of how to safely move delicate and expensive equipment, including computers, printers, and other peripherals. They will also have the necessary equipment, such as dollies and straps, to move your equipment efficiently and safely.

  • Insure Your Equipment

When moving your computer systems across a city, it’s essential to insure your equipment. This will give you peace of mind and protection against any damage or loss that may occur during the move. Most moving companies offer insurance coverage, but it’s important to check the policy details to ensure that your equipment is fully covered.


Moving your computer systems across a city can be a complex and challenging process. By following these expert tips, you can ensure that your equipment arrives at your new location safely and efficiently. Backup your data, disconnect your equipment properly, use quality packing materials, hire professional movers, and insure your equipment to protect it during the move. With these tips, you can focus on settling into your new location without the stress and worry of damaged or lost computer systems.

Items that Removalists Refuse to Transport

Items that Removalists Refuse to Transport

Many times, people don’t understand that removalists also have certain obligations, and they may refuse to transport certain items mentioned in the contract. These items are avoided due to several reasons such as company policy, hazardous and against the law. Clients may insist that they may be household items, assured of safety, and have no reason to worry; in such cases, removalists do not agree to such removals.

Some of the items that cannot be part of removals that removalists have the right not to pack and transport. To know more click here.

  • Unlicensed firearm
  • Loaded firearm
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Large quantity of alcohol
  • Motor oil
  • Pesticides
  • Paints
  • Car batteries
  • Fuels
  • Endangered animals as pets
  • Perishable food items
  • Fireworks
  • others

These things are not part of the deal when you hire professional removalists to do the removals for you. Other places may more or less have the same number of items they wouldn’t want to pack or transport to the new location. It is better not to pose a danger to yourself and others while damaging property resulting in a huge loss as well. A special law has been put together about high-risk goods that shouldn’t be transported under the danger Goods Act. Now that a professional removalist has refused, it does not mean you are allowed to carry it in person. The law is for everyone, and such goods cannot be transported at all. The goods cannot be transported either interstate or outside of the state.

Certain items can be carried in person, and it would be better if you took them along with you in your vehicle. Check on Movee removalist website to know more about non-acceptable items.

  • Personal documents
  • Sentimental items
  • Medication
  • Perishable essentials

Items you would usually carry in-person

  • Personal documents such as passports, property papers, wills etc., need to be carried with you, and it would be easy to find them whenever you need them. Losing them will put you in a whole lot of trouble. Getting them done again would be time-consuming, as well as funds. The above items probably wouldn’t take up much space if organized well. Putting these records in the array of boxes that removalists carry can result in misplacement.
  • Heirlooms, jewellery etc., need to be carried in person, as it is safer and packed by you. Smaller heirloom pieces, such as special fabrics, and smaller objects can be easily wrapped and placed in boxes that you can carry. These items have special meaning in your life, and you may not feel it right to just hand it over to someone to be packed and stacked elsewhere. The best you can do is to do it yourself and carry it long with you carefully.
  • Carrying your medication with you is the wisest thing, as you may never know when you may need them. And searching for them in some pile stacked right at the back would be a very bad idea. First aid kids, epi-pens, asthma inhalers, insulin injections etc., need to be in place wherein you can reach the fast and quickly in case of an emergency. Carrying them in a bag as part of personal luggage will enable you to avoid searching for them when needed.
  • Items that could go bad such as bottles of fresh juice and food that you would want on the journey or after reaching the location, cannot be packed somewhere else on a truck transporting your other household items. So, carrying these with you will help when you feel hungry if you need to stop by to refresh yourself to continue the journey.
  • As you reach the destination, certain essentials can be carried with you in your luggage in person. A pair of clothes, toothpaste, brush, soap, towel etc., comes in handy. Rummaging through the boxes on arrival for things would take a lot of work.


When you hire a removalist going through the list of things that they will not agree to be part of the removal is essential. The unacceptable items like pressurised air, alcohol and other combustible items can also destroy the rest of the items in the truck. Moreover, safety is the primary concern for all removal firms. Hence, they have no acceptance policy for certain items. Adhering to these rules will be beneficial for the homeowner.

Work Health and Safety Courses

Work Health and Safety Courses

All You Need To Know About Work Health and Safety Courses



Why You Need to Take a Work Health and Safety Course in Australia

Choosing the right Work Health and Safety Course can significantly increase your chances of getting a better job opportunity and better training. We’ll show you what you need to pay particular attention to get a qualification.

Due to the serious shortage of skilled workers, the Australian government does not rely solely on attracting skilled workers who have already completed their education. In addition, the aim is to make Work Health and Safety Courses in Australia easily accessible to students and then offer them a route to get better job opportunity after successful completion of the qualification. Not only lengthy university courses are suitable for this, but trades in particular offer the best conditions here. Even just 1 years of courses in a profession that is on the requirement list provides access to get recognized nationally qualification and increases your chances for getting better jobs. These courses enables the young professional to get practical experience and after this short time in the profession to receive official professional recognition, which is a prerequisite for most skilled workers.

All of these courses are offered by various educational institutions at numerous locations in Australia. The choice of training provider is very important here. Because not all offers allow access to the Job Ready Program, without which a complete subsequent professional recognition is not possible later. Only providers and courses or course combinations that are specifically approved by Australian govt that administers this professional recognition process, are eligible here.

  • Nation-wide recognition of your qualification
  • Just 12 months needed to complete the course
  • All courses are designed by experts
  • You get practical knowledge as well as skills
  • We only work with specialized and experienced training consultants to support you in choosing the right course and accompany you through the whole process.

Entry requirement to this course (BSB41419 Course)

You can apply for a courses before or after successfully completion of graduation. Entry requirements are not specified. Most institutions providing these courses requires you to be

  • 18 years or more age
  • 12 years or equivalent education
  • Familiarity as well as access to MS Office products, MS word, PowerPoint, PDF reader, as well as excel
  • Internet connectivity
  • Smart mobile phone with camera
  • Suitable literary and linguistic skills

After completing your training, take part in a job-based professional recognition process (Job Ready Program) and gain work experience in Australia. Also remember that courses and training is not free, but involves tuition fees. Therefore, many immediately discard this option without dealing with it in detail. However, these costs are put into perspective if you take a look at the big picture:

After just 5 weeks, the course is complete and you can start working in your learned profession much earlier. In skilled trades in particular, the wage level is above average. The costs of courses are amortized quite quickly due to these aspects.

Course duration, RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) / Credit Transfer

  • RPL:  It is the assessment process that assesses the competency(ies) of an individual that may have been acquired through formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual meets the requirements specified in the training package or VET accredited courses.
  • Credit Transfer: It is the recognition of learning achieved through formal education and training. It allows for the unit(s) of competency previously achieved by the student to be recognised when they are enrolling.


Career pathway to Work Health and Safety higher courses (e.g., Diploma in WHS)

If you are looking for a good job after completing your graduation, you must choose your courses with a view to the long-term job requirement lists. Skilled trades are currently particularly suitable here, as these have remained high on the Australian requirement lists for years.

Once you have successfully completed at least one or two years of training that you can complete in 5 weeks, it acts as a Career pathway to Work Health and Safety higher courses like Diploma in WHS. The next step is to get Job Ready Program from a recognized institution. It gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learned in their training in professional life and ultimately receive a positive skill assessment

Top job providers in are Australia and New Zealand

In Australia top hiring agencies can be found

  1. SEEK
  2. ALRA

In NZ top hiring agencies are

  1. Talent ID Recruitment 
  2. RobLawMax Recruitment
  3. FRENZ Recruitment & Immigration


You can find Australian labour market trend at Job Outlook.

Top providers of this course

 AIMS Inst of Training and Technology

It is a well-recognized institution and online platform in Australia providing BSB41419 Course. This course is planned to be accomplished in 12 months-24 months. It includes 920 hours of training as well.

However, it provides the intensive course program that can be completed in 5 or 10 weeks with an option to complete in 12 months. The course can be completed in 24 months if studied part time.


Monarch is also a popular and well recognized institution in Australia providing BSB41419 Course. It also offers the course that is planned to be accomplished in 12 months or 24 months (part time study).

 Melbourne Polytechnic

Melbourne Polytechnic is also a popular and well recognized institution in Melbourne, Australia providing BSB41419 Course. It also offers the course that is planned to be accomplished in 12 months or 24 months if extended.

 Pinnacle Safety and Training

Pinnacle Safety and Training is another a popular and well recognized institution in Melbourne, Australia providing BSB41419 Course.