World’s best LMS – Moodle

Moodle stands for the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It means a system that educational institutions used for courses and teaching to the students. The main reason for the popularity of Moodle is its low cost. Moodle is easy to use. It offers different features to students as well as teachers and administrators. It allows different types of formats of the content to be uploaded. The content can be used by the learner and the presenters. Moodle is the best learning management system. It is the most popular learning management system in the world. It is the most trusted source with the best security and privacy features. Moodle is used by millions of learners throughout the world. Moodle is a safe sector that allows educators to create a safe and easy to reach highly engaging online space for their students and streamline online teaching.

Moodle is open-source, which means that you own your Moodle site and you can decide what will happen on your platform.

Moodle offers flexible learning it was designed for unlimited flexibility. It is a tool that is designed from a social media constructionist point of view that gives you the power to build your own education platform to teach just the way you want, to as many students as you want.

In the backward areas, where students have poor internet connections and do not have computers and laptops Moodle allows them to learn on their Android devices. Moodle applications can be used in many environments. Even if you don’t have good internet access, you can still use Moodle application.

Moodle learning management system is accessible to all. The team of Moodle helps the educators and trainers to build their courses that are visible to all the learners. In designing the Moodle learning management system security was its key feature. During the development of Moodle learning management system design, the privacy and security feature was given much attention.

Moodle learning management system makes connections easily with the third-party platforms from the detection of plagiarism if present to content paraphrasing.

Moodle learning management system is easy to customize. You can customize your own learning management system. It is used by millions of students worldwide. It offers the delivery of massive open online courses.

You can freely download Moodle learning management system and customize it. All you can get is a motorcycle plan and cry it for free for 45 days in which no credit card or visa cards will be needed. Model learning management system is less expensive and requires very low maintenance and hosting plans including updates and backups.

Moodle learning management system is completely free of cost. It is used by the infinite number of users. Model learning management system has a huge amount of features and plugins. With advancement tutorials online, it forms a large online community of learner groups. All the resources and guides are free of cost in Moodle learning management system. It can be hosted on the server or on an outside table.

With Moodle, you can enable the analytics of Google to track your content. It is easy to get started with the administration of Moodle. It authorizes the abilities of content; it supports a variety of formats and combines different parts into learning parts. You can even add ILT events to the course. The management of Moodle learning management system is incredible. Another incredible feature of Moodle learning management system is the authority it offers its users to use any language. It supports a variety of languages.

The students are allowed to use Moodle learning management system on a desktop or mobile and the notification of the activities and discussion forums are available. Moodle offers a fully functional mobile application. This learning management system offers the features of live chat and direct messages which are available to the instructors and students. The moodle-based learning management system allows very easy integration with different business functions. It can support any kind of updated e-learning content.

You can award customized certificates for the completion of any course to the students with Moodle learning management system. It has a safe exams browser that prevents students from cheating when they are taking exams. The moodle-based learning management system is user friendly. It has a user-friendly interface which is very important for any LMS to establish and stand high among a large group of learning management systems.

With many features, Moodle learning management system has some disadvantages.

The administration of Moodle learning management system is very difficult. The management of users in Moodle learning management system is not reliable. It is not flexibly efficient. The helping materials which are present in the system are not up to the mark. Moodle learning management system is not completely developed to deal with bigger projects.

Moodle learning management system is used by a wide range of institutions, but some Institutions reported a few problems and cons about it. When the number of students using Moodle learning management system increases, the speed of the system decreases gradually. It can cause different troubles to the students when they are taking tests or quizzes. Instructors and students face difficulty in reaching the content. The users of Moodle learning management system also reported the problems they face with customization. It does not support e-commerce and onboarding. It has no customized or scheduled reports. It has limited branding abilities.

The students have to download PPT files to view them otherwise it does not support the online view of the files. It offers a very less amount of storage space. It allows no learning paths. For the corporation of any project, it provides no authority to the organizational structure. For beginners, it is not easy to use. For customization, the users need to have the technical knowledge of coding and programming.

To use Moodle learning management system you need to have technical skills. The key feature of Moodle learning management system is the authority of customization to the users. Different incredible features make it the first choice for learners and instructors.