Are you a designer looking for ways to take your design skills to the next level? One of the unconventional ways to upskill is by playing a wide range of virtual games. These games provide you with various technical and soft skills that can help you boost your design skills.

Perhaps you’re wondering how this concept is possible. This post will explain how virtual games can assist in training your design skills.

Virtual games encourage you  to use multiple senses

Without mincing words, successful designs require you to utilize numerous senses like proprioception, sound, touch, and the vestibular senses. Depending on the  type of design you do, these senses have significant impacts on the final output of a designer.

Fortunately, many virtual games engage these senses. They keep you active as you try to achieve the game objectives. Therefore, online games can enhance the use of these senses; hence, helping you maximize them when designing.

Virtual games improve how you use colors

Regardless of the type of design you do, you need to understand how to use colors to accentuate your work. A few virtual games have been developed to encourage players to learn how to use colors. These games involve choosing the right hues to create aesthetic images. 

One of the best games for this purpose is Color. This popular online game makes you master color selection, saturation, color pairing, and lots more. Pretty Barbie Dress Up is another awesome game for improving your use of color. It’s all about dressing up a Barbie by choosing different eye-catching dresses in varying colors.

Virtual games make you more dynamic

Dynamism is one of the hallmarks of design. As a designer, you have to be open to more creative and exciting ideas that can improve your work. Virtual games are non-linear and require you to be flexible in how you observe the gameplay and deal with different situations. Similarly, many online games stimulate you to observe every situation from various perspectives to get the desired outcomes.

Unsurprisingly, designing also requires this level of flexibility and dynamism to excel. As a result, playing virtual games can help you to enhance your design skills.

Virtual games boost your kerning

Kerning refers to the adjustment of the space between two characters in your design. Since most designs involve the placement of different characters together, kerning forms an essential part of a design. This concept makes the characters in your design more readable and aesthetic. Unluckily, many designers struggle with this element of designing.

You can improve your kerning game by playing an array of virtual games such as Kern Type. This online game uses a simple strategy to teach you kerning and still helps you have fun. Irrespective of your skill level, the game can make a massive difference in your kerning skills.

Virtual games improve your soft skills

Although technical skills are crucial to designing, the essence of soft skills cannot be understated. As you work with clients and other professionals to complete a project, you have to use several soft skills. If you don’t have these skills, your technical knowledge may not be appreciated by others.

What are the vital soft skills for designers that you can learn through virtual games? Communication skills help you pass across useful information to other people. When playing multiplayer online games, you have to learn how to communicate with fellow gamers. Other useful soft skills you can learn through virtual games include time management, flexibility, teamwork, and people management.

Virtual games enhance your brand recognition skills

Certain design works require you to familiarize yourself with various brand names and logos. If  you are deficient in this area, some virtual games can come to your aid. Online games like Logo Quiz are meant for people looking for ways to boost their logo knowledge. 

This easy-to-play game will display numerous logos and ask you to name them. When you miss any answer, the game helps you learn by telling you the corresponding brand. Since the game has thousands of logos, it exposes you to numerous brands.

Virtual games help you pay attention to detail

To optimize any design, designers need to be meticulous. They have to ensure they don’t miss out on any detail as any oversight can disrupt the whole design. The good news is that you can improve your attention to detail by playing Can’t Unsee and other similar online games. These simple games offer you different designs for a site and challenge you to select the right option. To play successfully, you have to pay attention to alignment, contrast, color, hierarchy, component styling, and other critical design elements.


If you think you are ready to improve all these crucial aspects of your design skills, don’t hesitate to start playing different relevant virtual games.